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The Hidden Belief Systems of the Most Successful People On Earth

October 23, 2010 by Bob Wan Kim   Comments (4)

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Hope is a Beautiful Thing. It Makes the Helpless Adorable -

Every single dead leaf is exactly where it is because of the winds that blew it there. Every single flower is the way it looks because of the light that showers it. And every single person is where they are in life because of the thoughts that echo in their mind.

If you've spent any time with someone who is already living the life you want, you'll immediately be inspired. He or she will not have to explain how they did it. They will not have to coach you or counsel you. Just being around them is enough because in a short time, you will recognize that they think differently.

Their internal ideas of what is possible and impossible are totally different from those who have not succeeded in reaching their goals, hopes, and dreams.

In fact, the most successful people on earth do not ever hope. They also hardly dream. They have definite goals but they do not plan.

In fact, the most successful people on earth do not ever hope. They also hardly dream. They only have definite goals but they do not plan.

You'll notice that the most successful people on earth simply define their intentions and they get lucky. That's all. They just get lucky. But they don't get lucky in the way 99.9% of the world imagines luck. In fact, their core definitions of goals, hopes, dreams, success, planning and luck are totally different from the masses. Only a tiny percentage of the people on earth share their definition of these concepts. And as you'd imagine, the same percentage of people share their success.

The most successful people on earth have written goals. Your mind is a tsunami of random thoughts. The more visual reminders of your intention you create, the more you'll immerse yourself in the culture of your intent. Everyone else is trying to immerse you in the culture of their intent.

Do you have written goals? Can you even verbalize your goals without searching for the words?

The most successful people on earth do not hope. They never take the helpless position and hope things will work out.

QUICK. Can You Rattle Off Your Goals Without Searching for the Words?

The most successful people on earth do not dream. They do not allow themselves the frivolous luxury of indulging in fantasies. They don't waste a single moment in day dreaming when they can take a crystal clear snapshop of their dreams and convert it into a goal--an intention.

The most successful people on earth do not fail. They never discount, lable, define, or regret any experience as a failure. To do so would be to negate and completely discard any value that experience could add to your knowledge and wisdom. It's said that a friend intervened on Edison after his 9,958 failed attempts at creating the glowing bulb. Edison replied, "I have not failed 9,958 times, I've succeeded in finding 9,958 ways not to make the light bulb."

The most successful people on earth do not plan. This may seem counter intuitive but to the most successful people on earth, their very definition of planning is different than that of the other 99.9% of the people on earth. When most people plan, they try to make events coincide at a certain time and in a certain way. If all of their fabricated expectations are not met, they immediately become emotionally upset and lose their momentum. When most people plan, they micromanage life itself.


According to Harvard, 50% of all the Fortune 500 companies out there today never ever had a business plan. The rest shredded it as soon as it was written.

Life is What Happens When You're Busy Making Plans

The most successful people just get lucky. But their definition of luck is vastly different from the 99.9% of the people on earth. They don't ever see luck as a random event. They don't see luck as a savior.

They actively coerce, seduce, and cultivate luck. They realize that when they experience a major dimensional leap in their progress, it was due to resiliently making themselves available for these narrow sliding windows of opportunity. When they experience a major jump in their lives, they realize it was due to all the foundation work of being prepared to leap when the door flapped open.

The people on the outside only see the trout in the air, the trout knows how hard and how far it had to swim up the waterfall. The most successful people on earth know that it only looks like luck from the outside.

Luck is When Opportunity Meets Preparation

I'm currently working on creating a compendium, a glossary of internal belief systems or echoes that empower the most successful people on earth. I'll post them publically at ... they will be broken up into relationship/love, success/finance, habits/weight/addiction categories.

You already know that the most successful people on earth think differently. You may be surprised at how differently. I'll announce the "list of echoes" at ... so please do subscribe to be alerted. I may also announce it at ... so do click "Like" to get the notice and url of your "list of echoes."

- Wan.

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I agree on every point

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This is a great post :D i found out how effective writing down your goals are - was shockingly simple ^_^ thanks!

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