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New: The Hidden Art of Overcoming and Harnessing Negative Emotions That Hurt Your Life

New: How to Find Your Hidden Powers

New: Fulfillment: Uprooting Frustration, Depression and Angst

New: Shedding Loneliness: Because It's the Least Attractive Quality You Can Radiate

New: Is Resentment at Your Mom and Dad Still Effecting Your Life? How to Release Blaming Your Mom and Dad

New: Why You Are Stuck in a Holding Pattern

New: Is Your Baggage Sabotaging Your Ability to Fall In Love?

New: How to Build Rawk Solid Confidence, Courage and Self Esteem

New: How To Be Smarter Than A Genius (And Ace the Toughest Exams On Earth)

New: How to Melt Away 99.8% of Your Stress NOW.

New: How to Be Profoundly Happy With Your Lover, Mate, Job, and Self

New: How to Program Your Emotional and Mental Reactions Like the Most Successful People On Earth

New: The 49 Hidden Belief Systems That Echo in the Minds of the Most Successful and Happy People

Is Your Life Still Sabotaged by Anger at Your Mom and Dad?

Are You Still Making Decisions that Hurt Your Mom and Dad?

Is Any of Your Unhappiness Rooted in Your Resentment at Mom and Dad?

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